Students and Young Engineers’ Affairs (SYEA)

Working Group of the HKIE-MMNC Division


The Students and Young Engineers Affairs (SYEA) Working Group of the HKIE-MMNC Division aims to provide a platform for Youngsters, Undergraduates, and Young Engineers to further understand the engineering profession.

Through various activities, we are committed to achieve the following:-

1.     To promote Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture and Chemical Engineering Profession to undergraduates and young engineers.

2.     To promote the engineering profession to younger public through various technical activities.

3.     To promote the engineering profession through various sports events (e.g. dragonboat, football etc)

4.     To enhance networking through co-organizing activities with other young groups of  various professional  learned societies  (e.g. IMechE, ASME, other divisions in HKIE etc)


Four dedicated task forces were established to facilitate our works:-

1.      Student Promotion Group


The Student Promotion Group mainly focuses on promoting the HKIE-MMNC and SYEA to the tertiary institutions.  The institutions are linked with the HKIE-MMNC as well as SYEA, while up-to-date career information in the engineering industry and technical knowledge can be shared via various activities.


2.      Sports and Social Event Group


Besides technical expertise, MMNC and SYEA also encourage all-round development of our members.  The Social and Sport Event Group provides a platform for the members to enjoy and show off their talents in various social events and sport competitions, as well as community services.


3.      Technical & Special Event Group


The Technical and Special Event Group aims to nurture our young engineers with the sharing of technical knowledge as well as exchange on advanced engineering excellence. Moreover, it provides a good platform to promote the value and role of engineering through various activities.


4.      Publicity and External Affairs Group


With aims to develop networking and promote HKIE-MMNC and SYEA, Publicity and External Affair Group focuses on exploring opportunities to joint force with other learned societies in organizing a wider spectrum of activities, so as to enhance networking A great diversity of events provides a unique platform for the youngsters to exchange knowledge, broaden their horizon and develop their social network.