Nuts and Bolts (Editorial by Ir Edmund Leung)



7 Sep 2022

Hydrogen building block for the new economy

31 Aug 2022

Hydrogen can go the distance for buses

24 Aug 2022

Metal fatigue an overloaded term in blame over injuries

17 Aug 2022

Get Humidity right and the heat will be no sweat

10 Aug 2022

Mirror fall may be down to the wires

3 Aug 2022

Heat wave leaves travelers cooling heels

27 Jul 2022

Safe commutes are a two-way traffic

20 Jul 2022

Land is the problem for building airports

13 Jul 2022

Running impressively on lines around the world

29 Jun 2022

Closing on take-off for newest carrier

22 Jun 2022

Aircraft light up when on the go

15 Jun 2022

Airport load factors are what's under a plane

8 Jun 2022

Lighting the safe way for a plane to land

1 Jun 2022

Pilots take off and land on the same track

25 May 2022

MTR stays on track to please travelers

11 May 2022

Powerful challenge in getting ahead

4 May 2022

Safe landings require lots of fine engineering

27 Apr 2022

Aircraft tires way up there in class

20 Apr 2022

No accident safety's mostly in the tires

13 Apr 2022

Be inclined toward efficient hill rides

6 Apr 2022

Ground work must be exacting after air crash

9 Mar 2022

Time we stand fast in building Covid response

2 Mar 2022

Beijing shows it's game on with cool tech

16 Feb 2022

MTR and bus viral talk just urban myths

9 Feb 2022

Gas supply has to be on safe ground

26 Jan 2022

Technology that led to a groovier age

19 Jan 2022

Don't just go with flow on indoor clusters

12 Jan 2022

No way we engineered lantau tomorrow

5 Jan 2022

Sound of music comes down to earth

29 Dec 2021

Just really park it to stop runaway disasters

22 Dec 2021

Drums roll effectively through the centuries

15 Dec 2021

Wind instruments go deep when you get into it

8 Dec 2021

Stringing along with ancient and modern

1 Dec 2021

Another string to bow broadens classical sound

24 Nov 2021

Why a strad touches Your heart strings

17 Nov 2021

Take note of design stresses and strains in pianos

10 Nov 2021

How to engineer the sweet art of music

3 Nov 2021

Building design is key to energy savings

27 Oct 2021

Powerful thinking must range wider

20 Oct 2021

Close connections are becoming new reality

13 Oct 2021

Safe driving needs Dynamic forces

6 Oct 2021

Going up in the world of carrying visitor load

29 Sep 2021

Tech keeps shadows away from the games

15 Sep 2021

Step out and into big opportunities next door

8 Sep 2021

Big advantages to be found in slipstream

1 Sep 2021

Safety and comfort at new super stadium

25 Aug 2021

Kai Tak Sports Park to set a scorching pace

18 Aug 2021

Picking up the pace to advance sports

11 Aug 2021

Our floating cranes get the job done

04 Aug 2021

Tight control keeps tower cranes safe

28 Jul 2021

Weighing the pros and cons of cranes

21 Jul 2021

Tight rules ensure safety of buildings

14 Jul 2021

Doing the rounds to stay on the move

07 Jul 2021

Seeing the right light when driving in city

30 Jun 2021

Hi-tech MTR line offers journey through history

23 Jun 2021

Long ride ahead to cut down carbons

16 Jun 2021

Figuring the way up the power pyramid

09 Jun 2021

Headwinds aplenty in renewable energy race

02 Jun 2021

Solving the wobbly skyscraper puzzle

26 May 2021

How the city avoids Mexican disasters

12 May 2021

Rising to the challenge of climbing a river dam

05 May 2021

River dams can save the day or destroy it

28 Apr 2021

Better the devil we know at fukushima than deep blue sea

21 Apr 2021

Rail tragedy a disaster waiting to happen

14 Apr 2021

Uncontained forces led to suez canal jam

07 Apr 2021

Suez canal blockage due to human error?

31 Mar 2021

Restaurant air changes not as easy as it sounds

24 Mar 2021

China a pioneer of irrigation systems

17 Mar 2021

Modular construction designed for the future

10 Mar 2021

Our lawmakers must see light in texas blackout

03 Mar 2021

The real and complex reasons for power cuts

24 Feb 2021

New life cycle beckons as bridge takes shape

17 Feb 2021

Let's walk the walk on city center congestion

10 Feb 2021

Miles to go before hk fit for mechanical parking

03 Feb 2021

Covid center offers new dna for building sector

27 Jan 2021

Virus traps lurk if we don't go with the flow

20 Jan 2021

Road to accident - free era does not lie in barriers

13 Jan 2021

We need to get going with Smart mobility

06 Jan 2021

Reservoir presents wellspring of options

30 Dec 2020

For engineers, service is reward enough

23 Dec 2020

The tough get going as pressure builds

16 Dec 2020

Tunnel vision that got us places with harbor

09 Dec 2020

Hard work made HK leader of air cargo

02 Dec 2020

Hong Kong's Air Cargo trade flies high

25 Nov 2020

City planning should be forward looking

18 Nov 2020

Square pegs can fit round holes with tunnel vision

11 Nov 2020

Let's clear the air on travel risks in virus era

04 Nov 2020

Gas giant goes to town in mainland push

28 Oct 2020

HK punched way above weight as seaport

21 Oct 2020

Docks may have gone but they left their mark

14 Oct 2020

Let's not go off the deep end on Reclamation

07 Oct 2020

Reclamation is here to stay

30 Sep 2020

Slippery slopes of old are now behind us

23 Sep 2020

Rolling with times why we’re awash in supply

16 Sep 2020

We're flush with water not being all at sea

09 Sep 2020

HK has gone with the flow since days of old

02 Sep 2020

We've come a long way with water supply

26 Aug 2020

Sewage issue not of secondary importance

19 Aug 2020

About time we cleaned up our act in sewage

12 Aug 2020

There's a lot of water under these bridges

05 Aug 2020

A lot of silk and steel goes into bridges

29 Jul 2020

Bridges are much more than just a crossing

22 Jul 2020

Lifts offer fast in and out in our high-rise city

15 Jul 2020

Retro cool for building owners

08 Jul 2020

Cost savings can be oh so very cool

24 Jun 2020

Flood mitigation all about going with flow

17 Jun 2020

Escalators are the best way to get going

10 Jun 2020

Shame to see park at the brink when going's good

03 Jun 2020

No hanging by a thread with cable cars

27 May 2020

Peak tram has kept up with changing times

20 May 2020

No troubled water under this bridge

13 May 2020

Guideways can ease congestion

06 May 2020

Monorails have charm but no critical mass

29 Apr 2020

Maglev or hyperloop time hasn’t come yet

22 Apr 2020

Building like a sausage machine

15 Apr 2020

Modular buildings have stood test of time

08 Apr 2020

Hydrogen trains’ time may come, just not here

01 Apr 2020

The future is in hydrogen, not EVs

25 Mar 2020

EV switchover may work for buses and ferries

18 Mar 2020

EV revolution will not happen overnight

11 Mar 2020

Public key for bridges over troubled waters

03 Mar 2020

HK links abound in Britain’s troubled HS2

26 Feb 2020

Trust, transparency keys to success

19 Feb 2020

Smart power use need clear as night and day

05 Feb 2020

There’s an in and out to viral outbreaks

29 Jan 2020

Spare capacity gives us margin for error

22 Jan 2020

Green energy targets need fleshing out

15 Jan 2020

Lack of space limits green power hopes

08 Jan 2020

Let there be light, all the time

24 Dec 2019

Macau LRT system on track thanks to us

18 Dec 2019

Cold facts on saving the air

12 Dec 2019

How our trains keep the fire risk so low

04 Dec 2019

Fire services help to keep us safe

27 Nov 2019

Let’s not have tunnel vision on closure

20 Nov 2019

The myth of 25.5 degrees Celsius

13 Nov 2019

Father of the Chinese railway

06 Nov 2019

Simple solutions get wheels turning

30 Oct 2019

MTR quality has deep roots

23 Oct 2019

The art of designing MTR entrances

16 Oct 2019

Let’s not have tunnel vision on rail safety

09 Oct 2019

Let’s not go off rails with the jewel of HK