Chairman's Message (2022-2023) - MMNC Division

Ir Chang Fan


I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the MMNC Division of the HKIE for Session 2022/2023.  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the past chairman and committee members for their dedication and valuable contribution to the MMNC division.  

Like many other organizations and companies in Hong Kong, MMNC faced a lot of unprecedented challenges last year.  After almost three years since the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, we now should be ready for a very different post COVID-19 world.

Riding on HKIE’s roadmap “Time to Change”, the MMNC Division will take a proactive approach to realize this mission focusing on “boosting professionalism” and “enhancing service to members” through three different channels.

Firstly, we will strengthen our relationship with Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society (GDMES) after the renewal of MOU. Our focus will be on technological knowledge exchange such as drone technologies and mechanical measurement to cope with the adverse weather due the climate change. We will also target to have technical visits to China if the situation permits.

The second channel is to enable the public to better understand how MMNC engineering is applied in our daily life, we will develop some promotional materials with canned stories on the following three topics,

i.          Predictive control in ventilation systems to reduce potential spread of COVID virus

ii.         Power generation

iii.         Passenger elevator & Lift systems

Technical sharing series and visits will be arranged on these 3 topics.

To better engage our members, especially the young members and potential members, we will make use of different events and activities, such as mentoring program, Young Inventor Competition, Blue Tech STEM program and STEM x Marine Vehicle Design and Construction Competition to reach out to a wider audience base.

This year we will boost our communications with the members and collect views from them in order to establish insights for our further growth and development as one of the biggest divisions in HKIE. We will continue to engage them though different activities and varies sub-groups under the MMNC division, The Marine Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Automotive Engineers, Ladies Engineers, and Blue Tech Engineers.

Other than the above-mentioned activities, we will actively participate and support the HQ for the Hong Kong Engineers Week in March 2023 with the main theme “Our future we engineer”.

With the support from our committee and members, I am confident that though better communications and various members engagement activities, we will achieve a lot of great changes together, overcome numerous of obstacles together, and enjoy another fruitful year together.


Ir Chang Fan
Chairman, MMNC Division, Session 2022/2023