Chairman's Message (2019-2020) - MMNC Division

Ir Richard CHAN


On the remarkable 40th anniversary of MMNC Division, it is my great honour to have been elected as the Chairman of the MMNC Division for Session 2019/2020. Forty years is a milestone. It is an occasion to celebrate - an opportunity to momentarily look back but a golden ticket to chart the path forward. I would like to personally thank the accomplishments of the past chairmen that have preceded me for leavinga strong foundation upon which to build a collaborative platform that will strengthen our promotion of engineering advancement and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovation. This is the fruit of a sustained increase in different varieties of activities. During my term, I aim to build on that momentum to inspire and encourage more young people, especially secondary students and young women, to study engineering and choose engineering as their life profession.

Future engineers should better equip themselves with strong analytical skills, practical ingenuity, creativity, good communication skills, business and management knowledge, leadership, high ethical standards, professionalism, dynamism, agility, resilience, flexibility, and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Hence, MMNC Division will continuously support professional development to maintain high levels of competences by continually developing knowledge and skills. In the journey towards 2020, innovation and agility have become essential competitive ingredients for any engineering industry and play an ever important role in shaping the future. With globalization, ever-increasing world population, depleting resources, demands for sophistication, climatic change, and new challenges, engineering is becoming morecomplex than ever. There is a growing need for different engineering disciplines to work under a single umbrella to gain access to potentially transformative innovations and capabilities. Hence, engineering as a whole relies on interdisciplinary collaboration between various different engineering skill-sets.

In this Session, MMNC Division would establish more links of collaboration with other divisions of HKIE and also with other learned societies in various engineering disciplines. With an amazing team of passionate, dedicated, new and experienced engineers, I believe together we can make the MMNC Division a vibrant and interactive platform that connects students, engineers, trades and the society as a whole.

Finally, achieving our mission could not be possible without the unfailingsupport of our members who have generously committed time, effort andresources to helping MMNC Division and HKIE as what it is today. I hopethat with your continued support we will achieve a great year ahead.

Ir Richard CHAN
Chairman, MC Division, 2019-2020 session