Chairman's Message (2018-2019) - MMNC Division




It is my great honour to become the Chairman of MC Division of Session 2018-2019, my pleasure to join force with the knowledgeable Committee members and I am eager to start with the team. 

MC Division includes professionals from three disciplines and it is the privilege of our Division to make use of such diversified expertise we have. As a multi disciplines Division, it is of great importance to enhance our intra-Division relationship as well as the cooperation with other Divisions, and other local and overseas institutions.

This session falls on the 40th anniversary of the MC Division. With marine engineering background, I am exploring specific interesting topics relating to maritime for our members. In addition to run the technical seminars, courses and visits, we are going to organize and participate in various activities for the special anniversary, for example, arrangement of cruiser visit, Advanced Maritime Engineering Conference at Busan, Korea in October 2018, Maritime Week at Hong Kong in November 2018 and Seafarers Day in June 2019. Through these maritime related programmes, apart from getting the MC members of mechanical and chemical involved in, it is expected to attract the young members to find the new perspective as they will be the future anchor of our industry. We highly value our young members and best possible guidance will be provided for their developments. 

I should say that I would be far short from my ambitions without the solid foundations laid by our past Chairmen. Under their leadership, the Division has developed a great culture and I am confident that the Division will embark on another great journey. With the continuous support from the HKIE and MC members, the Division will be able to keep the momentum and excel as one.

Ir M.Y. Chan 
Chairman, MC Division, 2018-2019 session