Chairman's Message (2017-2018) - MMNC Division




It is my honour and privilege to be appointed the Chairman of the MMNC Division for the session 2017/2018. Under the leadership of Ir Dr. Vincent Ho last year, MMNC Division had a year of great success in every aspect including delivery over a hundred of valuable seminars, visits and interesting social gatherings for our MMNC members. I tender my whole-hearted gratitude to all MMNC committee members, SYEA, AESG and affiliates of 2016/17 session's generous support.

With the unfailing support from our MMNC committee members of the new session, we will continue to delivering high quality and interesting technical seminars and visits for our members to nurture and upkeep the technical expertise of our members. Besides, active participation in advising HKIE Headquarters on government public consultation issues and close liaison with various other committees of HKIE Headquarters are essential works in the session 2017/18.

Aligning with the HKIE 2017/18's theme of "Engineering A New Horizon from 20 Years' Foundation", I would propose at this session to allocate more resources and to focus on the following four aspects:-

Tomorrow's Engineers: Firstly, a Ladies Engineers Team will be set up under MMNC committee to arrange activities and events for the purpose in attracting women to join and remain in the engineering profession. Secondly, to nurture our young engineers and share our fellow members' experiences with them, a series of essential soft skill seminars and courses including management, team building, project management, public speaking, entrepreneurial management will be arranged for them.

Engaging the Youth: The seed of engineering will be planted from high school to university students. The MMNC had established long term collaboration with the local universities. Student engineers will be encouraged in our programme and events to broaden their exposure and interests in the field. To raise the students' interests in mechanical, marine, naval architecture and chemical engineering, we will continue to support and enrich the high school engineering competition events, such as Young Inventor Competition, by applying their Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) knowledge.

SMART Engineering and the Community: We will arrange seminar or conference showcasing the latest technologies in MMNC disciplines, promoting engineers', especially students and young engineers, achievements and contributions to the public.

Social Responsibility: Last but not the least, the MMNC is here to contribute to our society with a pool of professionals from all walks of the fields. We will provide support to underprivileged engineering students participating in our events. The session will also consider to organize community talks to public for enhancing awareness of mechanical , marine, naval architecture and chemical engineering.

Other than professional aspects, healthy and leisure activities are also essential for MMNC members to attain work-life balance and networking. In this session, exploratory activities to our country park, geo and marine parks will be organized.

The MMNC committee members, SYEA, AESG and affiliates of session 2017/18 are enthusiastic in reaching this year theme of HKIE "Engineering A New Horizon from 70 Years' Foundation".

We look forward to your support in realizing our targets.

Ir LEE Chee Kwan
Chairman of the HKIE - MMNC Division (2017-2018)