Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   07/05/2018 General MMNC Division 39th Anniversary Annual Dinner
   28/04/2018 General Technical Visit to MTR Shenzhen L4 North Extension Project – Depot and Tunnel Site Construction
   28/04/2018 General Technical Visit to Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre
   25/04/2018 General Seminar on Pioneering Rail Damper - An Invention in Hong Kong
   25/04/2018 General Breakthrough on Nanofiber Technologies to Air Purification and Solar Cells
   25/04/2018 General Technical Visit to Japan
   24/04/2018 General HKUST Energy Day
   23/04/2018 General Seminar on Image Building and Business Etiquette
   20/04/2018 General Innovature 2018
   16/04/2018 General Intensive Training on Acoustics in Green Buildings on 16, 23 and 26 April 2018
   09/04/2018 General Seminar on Managing Risk in Complex Engineering Systems - An application in nuclear weapon system safety assessment
   09/04/2018 General Seminar on Trial programme on municipal solid waste charging in Hong Kong
   29/03/2018 General Technical Seminar : Multiscale Molecular Simulations of Radiation Process in Materials
   27/03/2018 General Risk Management and Safety Seminar on “Functional Safety in the Process Industry from Instrument Point of View”
   23/03/2018 General Technical Visit to Tseung Kwan O South-East New Territories (SENT) Landfill Gas Utilization Plant and Towngas Telecom (TGT) Hong Kong Data Center 2
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