Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
    26/09/2018 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar on” General Overview of Municipal Sewage Treatment Process”
    26/09/2018 Technical Visit Technical Visit to Stanley Sewage Treatment Works
    27/09/2018 Technical Seminar Young or Ready Series: A Route to become a Professional Mechanical Engineer (Jointly Organized by YMC and MMNC Division)
    29/09/2018 Technical Visit Technical Visit to the Sludge Treatment Facility (T·PARK)
    09/10/2018 Course / Conference Advanced Maritime Engineering Conference 2018
    09/10/2018 Technical Visit Overseas Technical Visit to Busan, Korea
    10/10/2018 Technical Seminar Seminar on Understanding the Earth Through the Lens
    19/10/2018 Technical Seminar Joint Seminar on Green Design of Hot Water System (II) - Heat Pump
    25/10/2018 Course / Conference Symposium : Smart Construction for Quiet (SCQ 2018)
    30/10/2018 Course / Conference Course: Introduction to Local Ecology
    04/12/2018 Course / Conference APOSHO 33
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