Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
    22/09/2023 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar: Best practice in ESG and Life Cycle Solutions in Chiller Maintenance
    22/09/2023 Technical Visit [HKIE-MMNC SYEA] Hong Kong Cannery & Mezzanine Makers Brewery Tour 2023
    24/09/2023 Community Services [HKIE-MMNC BlueTech] Beach Cleaning Day
    26/09/2023 Technical Seminar Stories of Mechanical Engineers – The Unyielding Spirit of Mechanical Engineers
    15/10/2023 Technical Seminar Overseas Technical Visit cum PAAMES Advanced Maritime Engineering Conference 2023 at Kyoto, Japan
    13/11/2023 Technical Visit Technical Visit to Japan 2023
    21/11/2023 Technical Seminar 27th Boilers and Pressure Vessels Safety Seminar - Building our Future through Innovations & Regulations
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