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Technical Visit to Organic Resources Recovery Centre in Siu Ho Wan (O∙Park1)

Date, time & venue

2019-04-27;10:00 a.m. – 12:30 noon;Organic Resources Recovery Centre in Siu Ho Wan (O∙Park1)

Programme Highlights
O · PARK1 is the first organic resources recovery centre and located at Siu Ho Wan of North Lantau. It adopts anaerobic digestion technology to convert food waste into biogas (a source of renewable energy similar to natural gas) for electricity generation whilst the residues from the process can be produced as compost for landscaping and agriculture use. 

At present, O∙PARK1 treats more than 100 tonnes of food waste per day. Upon its full commissioning, the plant's capacity will gradually increase to 200 tonnes per day. The current practice of disposing food waste in the landfills is not a sustainable solution as it consumes valuable landfill capacity and wasting the useful organic resources. Therefore, the most efficient and environmentally sound method of recycling food waste is to build a network of dedicated recycling plants. 

The biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion process is turned into heat and electricity that can support the needs of the facility. When running in full capacity, about 14 million kWh of electricity can be exported to the grid per year, which is equivalent to the power consumption by some 3,000 households. The decrease in use of fossil fuel for electricity generation together with the reduced amount of organic waste in landfills would prevent the emission of some 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. After the anaerobic digestion process, digestate will be converted into compost. The facility can generate about 20 tonnes of compost per day as a by-product, where it can be used for landscaping and agriculture applications. This dramatically cuts down the quantity of food waste to be disposed of at the landfills. 

It would be a precious opportunity for our members to appreciate the advanced treatment technologies and the concept of turning food waste into useful products.


Ms. Nesta LEE


Registration & Enquiries 
This visit is free of charge and prior registration is required. The number of participants is limited to 37. Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to members of MMNC Division. Only on-line registration via MMNC divisional website http://mc.hkie.org.hk/ shall be accepted for registration. Successful applicants will be notified individually. Attendance certificates will be issued after the event. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Joe MOK at email:joescmok@gmail.com.





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