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Technical Visit to the Sludge Treatment Facility (T·PARK)

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[Registration FULL, thank you for your support]

Programme Highlights

The sludge treatment facility (T·PARK) is designed to provide an innovative and eco-
friendly solution for the problem of sewage sludge disposal in Hong Kong. With the guided
tour offered by T·PARK, participants have a precious opportunity to appreciate the state-of-
the-art technologies in the facility and the concept of transferring waste to energy for the
sustainable development of society.
T·PARK is a modern facility which combines a variety of advanced technologies into a
single complex. It reflects Hong Kong’s vision to embrace the concept of “waste-to-energy”
and to transform people’s attitudes towards resource recovery and recycling.
The design capacity of T·PARK is 2000 tonnes per day of sewage sludge. Phase 1 of the
STF has been in operation since Apr 2015. Phase 2 has also been in operation since April
2016. The sludge treatment process is divided into sludge reception, sludge incineration,
energy recovery and flue gas treatment.
T·PARK also achieves “zero effluent discharge” in total water management. It is self-
sufficient in potable water and process water which is generated on-site through a seawater
desalination plant. All wastewater from the facility is treated and re-used for irrigation,
flushing and cleaning purposes.
T·PARK is more than a treatment plant; it has various recreational, educational and
ecological facilities for the public.

Registration &Enquiries
The number of participants is limited to 50. Applications will be accepted on a first-come
first-served basis. CPD certificates will be provided. For registration, please visit the
webpage http://mc.hkie.org.hk/. Successful applicants will be notified by email individually. 
For enquiries, please contact Mr. Joe Mok at joescmok@gmail.com.




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